When I want to customize my Plate, all characters are blue and there is a blue glow over my image, is this correct? 🤔

Yes, this is completely normal. We do this so that our UV printers can see which parts need to be printed white. This way we ensure that your MusicPlate is printed correctly.

How do I order my own Plate? 🥰

When you're on the Plate product page, there's a 'customize' button. Click here and personalize your MusicPlate. When you're done, you can add it to your shopping cart and checkout.

What is a MusicPlate? 🎶

A MusicPlate is the most original, nicest and most beautiful gift there is. On acrylic glass we transform your favorite song into an eternal memory! A MusicPlate is of course also great fun for yourself!

How long is the delivery time? 🚚

All MusicPlates ship within 1-2 days. Other products will be shipped within 2-5 days. This only applies to working days.

Can I still cancel my order? 💌

Please contact us for this.

How do you ensure that my plate does not break in the post? 📦

We pack your plate extremely well so that it arrives completely in one piece. Is the plate broken? Then you will receive a new plate for free.

How do I track my order? 📃

When your order has been sent you will receive an e-mail with the Track & Trace code.