Our Alberta Novelty License Plates can be customized to any letter or number choose up to 9 letters or numbers combined (spacing counts as one character) Be as creative as you can be.

Now only $59.95each - Manufacture time 7-10 business days plus shipping time.
Add your text in CAPS in the box below (Special characters will not be raised, only letters)

Please note that all replica/novelty license plates manufactured are NOT real license plates and can not be registered or used as real license plate identification. Doing so is illegal and we will not be responsible for your actions or held accountable. Please note we do not make 3 letter 3 number, 3 letters 4 number Alberta plates resembling a real license plate sequence unless you are the registered owner of that real license plate. Further proof and documentations are required from you before we make that requested plate. Please contact us first if you have any questions or require clarification and we strongly urge that you read our terms and conditions.

Size: standard auto plate 6"x12" with raised lettering made from thick styrene. Accessories included, rock/dirt shield, metal license plate frame, metal license plate standard screws for sturdy and protection.